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From then to Now

Our First Moments in Private Practice to today

Over the years, this service has come a long way. Initially we offered Medicare bulk billing Mental Health Care with some in-school services. That was back in 2008. Since then we have built a team of services.

We have:

Medicare Bulk billed Mental Health for disability, low income and pensioners.

Low cost Mental Health Services under GP Mental Health Care Plans with a service fee of $22 (that's all you pay per visit)

TAC services for approved Traffic Accident Patients

DVA services, including Open Arms counselling for our most valuable and respected members of society who have gone above and beyond for our country and its people, and their families. (Thank you for your Service)

VOCAT services Victoria for victims of crime, this includes report writing and ongoing counselling.

Victims Services NSW

EAP counselling

Worksafe Vic and Workcover NSW

Clinical Supervision

Psychotherapy- Hypnotherapy including, prolonged exposure therapy, trauma hypnosis, anxiety, pain, birthing and many other areas.

Family Court services with regard to reports and management of parenting/ shared care management and parenting after separation

Social/ Therapy Groups adults 

NDIS Mental Health Counselling and ASD Technician behavioral counselling  

Generalist Counselling

Zones of Regulation for Kids

Cool Kids CBT anxiety / depression program

Telehealth links to Consultant Psychiatrists, Pediatricians and now specialist Psychologists working in the field of ASD, Dyslexia and ADHD assessments  (check out our specialist referral page for more details)

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