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Floatation Therapy 

Floatation Therapy or REST is now available at The Therapy Hub

Floatation Therapy allows you to float effortlessly in a tank of magnesium sulphate water regulated at 36 deg (air & water) within the pod, so that once you settle in, you will not be able to distinguish between the two.  Your muscles, joints, nerves, fibers, & cells will become completely & totally relaxed, as will your thoughts; allowing your mind & body to rest, relax & heal. Through the process of osmosis your skin absorbs magnesium which will help your muscles to heal, relax & recover, it also helps to improve sleep, relieves pain & aids in inflammatory issues.     

Floatation Therapy also known as REST has been used as complimentary therapy for Mental Health conditions such as depression, anxiety & PTSD for many years now in the US & is now being widely recognized in Australia for its Mental Health benefits 

Float Therapy can also assist in areas such as Sensory overload & emotional regulation for conditions such as Autism and ADHD

Float Sessions can be booked by calling 0438835273

Cost is $80 per 1 hour session

All Floaters must be over the age of 15 or be accompanied by an adult with signed consent

You must shower before floating, not have recent hair dye or spray tan (under 7 days)

No alcohol or drug consumption prior to float therapy

We reserve the right to refuse service    

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