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Shared care specialist Services

  • Ask us about How to link with our Telehealth Psychiatrists:  Available for adults and adolescents

We can help you with referrals to a Psychiatrist that best suits you, and arrange appointments so that you link with your Psychiatrist and your mental health clinician at our practice for shared consults

  •     Link with our telehealth Pediatrician and again have your consults via our practice and have your therapist sit in with consults. No long wait lists and have the benefit of feedback from your therapist on your child as well as follow up as requested by Pediatrician, by our therapists 

  •                         Referrals and shared care supports for Online ASD assessments (adults & older teens) $2150                                                                                                      Referral support and shared care: Online ADHD assessments (adults & older teens) $1300  

Waiting period depends on criteria 

Please contact us for referrals 

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